Draw Near To God

I have heard people say, “God has left me.” In fact, I have felt this myself from time to time. Many times when we experience a loss or tragedy in life our first thought is that God has abandoned us. It seems that the  pain will never go away and that there is no one who cares or knows what we are going through.

Losing all that we have, or losing someone close to us, is never easy. It hurts. However, being in pain doesn’t mean God has left us. The truth is, God said “I will never abandon you or leave you.” (Deut. 31.6, Heb. 13.5) We need to know this truth and allow it to set us free. We can easily become slaves to this pain.  We think it makes us feel better to dwell on the hurt and the loss.

David endured many trials and sorrows on the road to becoming king but he knew that he had to ask for God’s protection. (Ps. 31) It’s easy to blame God when we experience loss but this is when we need to purpose to come closer to Him. It is then that He will then come closer to us. It’s when we are walking through the “valley of the shadow of death” when we need Him by our side. (Ps. 23.4) His comfort and protection come when we are seeking Him.

The key to drawing closer to God is knowing Him. Jesus provided a way for us to live in joy. Yes, we will experience sadness every once in a while. In Jesus we no longer need to live in depression. Dwelling on the sadness is not the answer; Jesus is.  He offers eternal life, and He promises a fulfilled life here on earth.  Ask Him to heal your sorrow today and know the joy that only Jesus can give.

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