Followers of Christ

Many people insist that we have the right to practice Christianity as our conscience dictates. Wrong. We have the privilege of living out a faith based on absolute truth as given to us by the Author and Finisher of that faith in His written Word. If we want to invent our own religion, we are “free” to do so, “free” to reap the consequences and “free” to call it anything we want – anything except Christianity.
There are many who have invented their own religions. Unfortunately they often call their inventions Christianity. I am unqualified to judge a person’s heart. Only God can do that. I can however, see their behavior and I read the Bible. When the Bible calls certain behaviors “sin” and even goes on to say that these behaviors are “detestable to God”, I have no choice but to assume that people who willingly and openly commit these sins are not actually Christians, no matter what they claim. They may be saved, they may have had a “born again” experience (John 3.3) and they may even be going to heaven, but they are not followers of Christ. That is what the word Christian means, you know.
To call your self a Christian means that you have given yourself completely over to Christ. Throughout the New Testament the writers make the call for all or nothing commitment. To be a Christian was to become wholly devoted. All of Jesus’ followers were complete followers. They were not perfect. They made mistakes, but they were committed to Him. To be anything less is a mockery of the name Christian.
Jesus gave more than any one of us could ever give. He didn’t have to die. He was the very Word of God become flesh. He died to take our place because He loves us. Can we not at least give Him our complete devotion?

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