World Crisis – Can We Solve It?

Everyone will readily admit the world today is in serious trouble. There are many who are actually trying to fix some of the world’s ills. The problem is that most of the world’s leaders have no clue what is wrong. President Obama is doing his best; I’m sure, as is, PM’s Putin and Merkel. But until they discover what is actually wrong they cannot fix it.
The truth is, even if they knew the problem, they would be unable to end the crisis. Most Christians could tell the leaders that the problem is Sin. Not sins, or sinners, but Sin.
God created a perfect world, placed perfect man in that world and gave the man control over the world (Genesis 2.15). This man, Adam, was to tend and watch over all of creation (Genesis 1.27-28). As we all know, Adam messed up. Satan came along and lied to Adam and Adam gave away his responsibilities to the devil. Sin entered the world (Romans 5.12).
God, being the faithful, loving Father He is, then revealed His plan to redeem the lost world. But for now Sin is still here. We are all descendants of Adam and inheritors of Sin. Therefore we are all guilty (Romans 3.19). We act the way we do because we are slaves of Sin (Romans 7.25).
As was pointed out, we are all guilty. The penalty, or sentence, is death (Romans 6.23). Our faithful, loving Father however, has gifted us with a pardon. While we are indeed guilty, He offers us a gift: life (Romans 6.23)
When we accept this great gift, we are no longer bound by or slaves of Sin. Yes, we will from time to time commit sins, but it is no longer our desire to live in Sin.
But what about the world crisis? Well, this was also solved. God came to earth in the Person of Jesus. He paid a very high price, but He did, in fact, redeem the whole world (John 1.29). I know that sometimes it doesn’t seem like it when we read the daily headlines. Jesus has yet to return to collect His property. (That’s what redemption is. He bought back what Adam gave away – the world.) Be assured, He will return to collect what is His.
Presidents and prime ministers are powerless to solve the crisis. But that’s okay because Jesus already did.

God left Adam in charge of a perfect world and charged him with it’s upkeep. Jesus left Christians something to do also. We are to tend to this world. This is a much more challenging task, I think, but certainly a worthwhile task (Mark 16.15-20).  When Jesus returns, He will put everything back the way it was (Isaiah chapter 11).
Today’s world leaders should do what they can, for today. There might even be some good come from it. But Jesus already solved the crisis, and I’m putting my hope in Him.
If you’re tired of “politics as usual” and want something better, all you need to do is ask Jesus to be Lord of your life. He’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need help or have questions, look up an evangelical church or write to us. We will glad to help. Free of charge, of course, because Jesus already paid the price.

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