Monday March 19, 2018 Tim Lehmann

This last Tuesday, March 13, 2018, I died. Today I am alive! Maybe I need to explain a little.

I’m still putting things together and some things are hazy. I don’t remember most of what happened that night and I’m putting together witness reports, things my wife was told and what the doctors and nurses have told me. It’s rough, considering how important this is, to have to rely on other people to tell me what happened. This narrative is the result of that gathering of information as well as what I remember once I came back to reality. I’m told that memory loss is normal and that I may get some back – or maybe not.

I drive a truck and I was at the truck stop in Fultonville, NY on the aforementioned Tuesday. I started to feel, not so well. I remember going into the truck stop and asking them to call the paramedics. My wife says I called her and said I was having a heart attack. My phone has a record of a 31 second call on Tuesday at 11.10pm, but I certainly couldn’t testify to it. I don’t remember making that call.

I do remember asking someone to call the EMTs. I do remember them asking me if I wanted to sit down and offering to get me a chair. And that’s pretty much it until sometime the next morning. Ok, I lost a night, big deal. Happens to a lot of people. Turns out it was a big deal, a very big deal.

I had a heart attack. One of the arteries was totally blocked cutting off the supply of blood to my heart. Paramedics were not close (Fultonville isn’t exactly a metropolis with a population of only 782.) So I died. They tell me that I was totally non-responsive for seven minutes. Later the doctor told my wife that I was dead for five minutes. I am now alive! But this is not where the miracles end.

One of the cooks at this truck stop is a former EMT who maintained his certification status. What? A cook at a truck stop? Yes. How long ago did Jesus plan for Jim to get fed up with his former occupation and get into cooking – and yet still stay certified as an EMT?

The service center manager had me bagged and was seeing that I had air flowing into my lungs. What? A truck stop mechanic just happened to have access to an ampu bag. And knew how to use it.

Miracle after miracle yet I still died. And I was dead for longer than five minutes. Was I artificially respirated enough that my brain didn’t actually die? I couldn’t answer that. Some would be saying obviously. Maybe. I still can’t shake the feeling that this isn’t it. Something more than that was at work.

Jim kept up CPR even after the ambulance crew arrived. I am told that the paramedics had to shock me twice before my heart responded. Thankfully, I don’t remember that either. I eventually ended up at Ellis Hospital in Schenectady, NY, in ICU. That’s where my memories resume on Wednesday morning.

Before going to the ICU the cardiac doctor inserted a stent into the blocked artery. Now, I’m told that this involves an incision in the larger artery in the groin, using a catheter and guide wire to get the stent into the proper place near the heart. It’s painful and leaves the patient almost having to relearn how to walk. I have a tiny mark on my wrist where the stent was inserted, now covered with just a band-aid! No pain or even soreness. Miracles.

Wednesday is a little fuzzy still. I probably slept through most of it. I do, sort of, remember blood pressure checks and an IV. Funny thing, my phone log says I called my wife three times Wednesday. Sorry, it’s all a fog. I hope I was nice to her. My pastor called me Wednesday afternoon, but I don’t remember that either.

I just stopped writing to call Pastor (too early since I failed to consider that he’s on the west coast and I’m on the east coast) to see what we talked about. I guess I knew that a stent had been put in, but that’s about it. He said I was a bit fuzzy on details. I’m guessing he was being nice. I was probably a bit fuzzy period. (I still am, for that matter. I just verbally, out loud, thanked my computer for doing a grammar check.)

Thursday and Friday were just sitting in bed, napping, and walking around the floor to show the nurses that I wasn’t going to fall. It was all part of the procedure. On Friday they moved me out of ICU into the cardiac care unit. Again, this involved more walking, blood pressure checks, talking to doctors and nurses and taking naps. And Saturday they released me.

Tuesday night I was dead. Saturday afternoon I was taking a taxi back to my truck! WOW! So where am I going with all of this. Yes, it happened to me. That makes it important to my wife, my family, friends and me. But why spend the time and energy to record this?

I believe that what happened to me last week marks a definite point where God saved me from an attempt by the devil to take me down. Now, I can hear the feedback about this. No, I’m not inflating my importance to the Kingdom. I do talk to people about Jesus while I’m out here on the road. But that’s normal Christianity, or at least, it’s supposed to be. But I know that sometimes the Holy Spirit has plans for individuals and Satan just plain doesn’t want those plans to happen. What are those plans? I have no clue, yet. I do know one thing. If this was an attack by the devil, it backfired, big time. No, my name isn’t Lazarus, but I too was dead, and now I’m alive. And I know Who revived me and I will spread His Name wherever I may go.

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