Glorious Resurrection Story

Glorious Resurrection Story

© 1998, 2019 Tim Lehmann

There is a story that I need to tell,

It is a tale that we all know well.

A story of suffering, pain, and misery,

Straight from the pages of history.

In the beginning God saw man’s fall,

Satan’s attempt God’s plan to stall.

In the third chapter a plan He gave,

A way that mankind He could save.

Logos; Word; Jesus; Only begotten Son

Had to give His life; He was the One.

A criminal’s death, hanging on a tree,

Stripped bare, for all the world to see.

On His head they placed a crown of thorns.

He was made to hear the people’s scorns.

Each ragged breath an agonizing strain,

The long hours dragged on in pain.

Through all this He blamed no one,

For He indeed was God’s own true Son.

“Crucify him” was the slogan that day,

“Father, forgive them“ He was heard to say.

At last it was over, His earthly life done,

There was even darkness covering over the sun.

God tore the curtain of the temple in two

To show that the time now was new.

After three days they went to His grave,

Solace and consolation they craved.

Only to find it stark, empty and bare,

The Crucified One they found no where!

Jesus our Savior had risen that day

And gone to the Father to pave our way.

Sing Alleluia; Shout Glory to God!

Upon the serpent‘s head He has trod.

A sinless life laid down in love,

The greatest gift from God above.

The Son now rules at His right hand,

Over sea and earth, throughout the land.

Now the story has again been told,

From the pages of history ancient and old.

Hear these words, hold them in your heart,

The Glorious Resurrection can give you a new start

© 2019 Tim Lehmann. All rights reserved.

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