A Different Gospel

I am surprised at you! In no time at all you are deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ, and are accepting another gospel. Actually, there is no “other gospel,” but I say this because there are some people who are upsetting you and trying to change the gospel of Christ. (Galatians 1:6-7 Good News Bible)

Who are you listening to these days? There are a lot of “preachers” out there who aren’t all that they claim to be. Some proclaim a gospel of money. Some are speaking only part of the Word and expecting you to trust them to lead you into a new path. They all sound good. And too many of them are agents of Satan. They use bits and pieces of Scripture, just like the devil did when tempting Jesus, but they pull it totally out of context to meet their own needs.

These pseudo-preachers usually mean well. Quite often they sound sincere, because they are. They really don’t know that they are leading their flock to the very gates of Hell itself. But they are and you do not want to join them!

So how do you tell if a gospel is truth or not? It’s fairly easy. If the message is anything other than Jesus it’s most likely a false doctrine. Who or what does the preacher promote in his sermons? Does the messenger have a biblical basis for his message or is he quoting other men on a regular basis. Even famous preachers of the past were just men. Their message may have been from God, but then there should be sound biblical doctrine to back that up. In his letter, Paul goes on to say that the message he is preaching “is not of human origin.” (Galatians 1.11)  Paul was taught by Jesus Himself.  Here’s another clue. Paul says, in verse 24 of this chapter, “And so they praised God because of me.” People were not praising Paul, they were praising God. And that, my friends, is the difference between a gospel of lies and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Is it biblical and who gets the glory?

I invite any and all to examine what I preach against the Bible. If, at any time, you find something that I’m saying that is not biblical, I beg you to call it to my attention.

© 2019 Tim Lehmann. All rights reserved.

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