God’s Bard


© Tim Lehmann 1997, 2019

All Rights Reserved

Telling stories, the art of the bard

A task to devote all of one’s time

Putting words to meter and to rhyme

Simplifying ideas that once were hard

This talent God gave me so long ago

I kept buried in my soul so deep

Knowing for sure that it would keep

Now to uncover it and let it grow

“To the world my message you must give

Write all that to you I will say

This you must do without any delay

For I long that they all would live”

Some of the verse He gives me direct

Words to my heart like fingers on a stone

Plain and Clear to me they are known

Yet often the meaning I must inspect

But often I feel the most gentle emotion

God’s wondrous and most holy love

As a soft, warm breeze from above

These thoughts I write with avid devotion

So now out into the world I walk

The alleys and dens, the ghettos of fear

Knowing that my God is always near

Speaking to all without having to talk

Telling the world Jesus died for them

On Calvary’s cruel hill that drear day

For the world‘s sins He did pay

And that He will soon come back again

Some will listen, some will hear

The words of a bard, verse and rhyme

Maybe if they are given the time

A few will hold God’s word dear

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