Trust God


© 1997, 2019 Tim Lehmann

All rights reserved

I’ve gone through many changes over the years,

Mountains and valleys, laughs and tears.

Walking with God and heading His voice,

Going alone, making my own choice.

I’m prone to forget when times are down,

He still loves me and grace will abound.

Then I remember all that He has done,

And the freedom for me that He has won.

Often times I’ve heard him say,

“It’s not me who’s gone away”.

He lets me know that He’s still near,

Despite myself, He holds me dear.

When I act up and play the fool,

As if I were the deceiver’s tool,

He’s still my Father from above,

Chastening me with His love.

Hear these words I’ve tried to say,

Whenever you are tempted to stray.

Hold them always within your heart,

It‘s not God who chooses to depart

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