Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

Have you ever had a tough decision to make? One that was important, maybe even critical, and you wanted to be sure you were making the best possible decision?

Well, I’m in that position again. It has been one week since the last heart episode and I’m not working. It’s looking like I won’t be doing any physical work for quite some time, if ever. Social Security covers the rent but that’s about all. So I have to decide what I’m going to do.

Of course there are legitimate work from home options. And I’m looking into some of these but something (Someone?) keeps drawing me back to the original plan that I had when I first started this WordPress journey ten years ago.

I have no doubt that I should be writing. It burns in my bones. Almost every day I see something and say, “I could write a blog about that.” Well, why don’t I? Because I have a wife to feed and bills to pay.

Should I combine my longing to teach and write with my need for an income? Probably, but will we survive during the long period of time it takes for a blog site to begin generating a livable income? I don’t know. And I’m afraid.

I know. We were not given a spirit of fear, but the fear is there nonetheless. It’s a reality. We’ve been homeless before and it’s not a pleasant experience. Nor one that I desire to repeat.

So, short of the heavens opening up and a myriad of angels telling me what to do, I’m still at a loss for answers. Maybe you can help?

I’m not asking for money or pledges of money. I can go to a number of apps that will place ads on my site and I can get sponsors. The question is, will I still have a readership if I do this? Most ad apps require a base or minimum number of hits per week. Right now I don’t even have that minimum. So I need your help. Will you subscribe to and read my posts and tell others about them? The more hits my site receives the better.

If you have suggestions on what subjects you want to see, that’s awesome too. I’m looking into two options for now. One, I want to do some old fashioned, verse by verse Bible study. We seem to have drifted away from this and I believe that in this time of spiritual and social upheaval studying God’s Word is crucial.

I’m also thinking about blogging about current political and social issues. Not as a complainer but to look at what’s happening from a Biblical, Christian viewpoint. WWJD? Remember this? What Would Jesus Do?

So what are your thoughts? If you would be willing to pledge your readership and help in spreading the word, comment below or on my Facebook page.

Also, if you do choose to help financially, you can click the link below. No amount is to small. I love you all. Have a truely blessed day in Jesus’ name.