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My name is Tim Lehmann and I originally come from Southern California.

I received the Lord when I was thirteen years old, and since then (I’m 56 now) I have grown to know Him not only as Savior, but as Lord and Father. I attended California Baptist College in Riverside, Ca. I was the associate pastor of a Baptist church in Southern California and my church experience includes training adults and youth in Sunday School as well as in practical applications of Biblical principals, counseling, and ministering to the sick and preaching the Gospel.

The Lord blessed me with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit when I was a young adult and since then my wife and I have been attending Pentecostal (mostly Assembly of God) churches wherever the Lord has led us to live.

I have been married for forty-six years (yes I was 17) and we have one daughter and two granddaughters. We currently live in central California.  I am the founder and pastor of 21st Century Christian Ministries; an organization that ministers to and uplifts Christians around the world. My wife and I joyfully attend Bridge Community Church in Folsom, CA.

April 2018

A lot has happened in the last few years. I got a job as an over the road truck driver which is why my blogging stopped for a while. Then, to my total surprise, on March 13, 2018 I had a major heart attack! We still live in central California but I was in New York state when I was hospitalized. So I’m not driving anymore. This does allow more time to write and study. As I recover from the heart issue as well as other health issues I covet your prayers.  Finances are tight now so anything that you feel moved to donate will be appreciated. Please pray about your support of this ministry. Thank you.


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